Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services does Ninth Life Foundation provide?

A: Ninth Life Foundation provides a range of services, including rescuing and rehabilitating owed, unowned and abandoned cats, offering adoption services to find loving homes for our feline friends, and providing ongoing care for special-needs and senior cats.

Q: How can I adopt a cat from Ninth Life Foundation?

A: Adopting a cat from our charity is a simple process. First, browse our available cats on our website or visit our shelter. If you find a cat you’d like to adopt, fill out an adoption application. Our team will then review your application and conduct an interview to ensure the best match for both you and the cat.

Q: Can I volunteer at Ninth Life Foundation?

A: Absolutely! We welcome volunteers who are passionate about cats and their welfare. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or help with special events, your support is invaluable. Contact us to find out more details.

Q: How can I make a donation to support your charity’s work?

A: Your generous donation is greatly appreciated and helps us continue our mission. You can make a secure online donation through our website or find information on other ways to get involved.

Q: What kind of veterinary care do the cats receive before adoption?

A: Before adoption, all our cats receive a thorough health check, vaccinations, and any necessary medical treatments. We ensure each cat is in good health and ready to join their new forever home.

Q: Can I surrender my cat to Ninth Life Foundation if I can no longer care for it?

A: While we understand that circumstances can change, our shelter capacity may be limited. Please contact us in advance to discuss your situation, and we will do our best to assist or provide resources for responsible rehoming.

Q: How do you handle the socialization and interaction of the cats in your shelter?

A: Socialization is a crucial aspect of our cat care. We provide regular interaction, playtime, and enrichment activities to ensure our cats are well-adjusted and comfortable around people, making them more adoptable and happier overall.

Q: How can I report a stray or injured cat in my neighbourhood?

A: If you come across a stray or injured cat, please contact your local veterinary practice or the local animal control authorities at your council.

We are an accredited rehoming organisation (R251000237). Rehoming means we are only allowed to rehome a person’s “owned” animal. This means we are only able to take in an animal where we can verify the legal owner of the animal and do an official microchip transfer.

The law states that all strays must go to a pound and therefore we are legally not allowed to take in strays, colony cats or feral cats. We only rescue old, high care or cats with special circumstances. We can recommend SAFE rehoming, RSPCA & AWL