Give a Cat

Another Chance

At Ninth Life Foundation, we firmly believe that every feline deserves a forever home filled with love and care. However, there are times when circumstances beyond their control necessitate finding them a new family.

Our mission is to provide unwavering support and assistance to senior and high-care cats during this transitional phase. We go above and beyond to ensure that each cat entrusted to our care is fully prepared for their next chapter.

Through comprehensive health and wellness checks, we ensure that they are in optimal condition, both physically and emotionally. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to find the perfect home where these precious felines can thrive and receive the love they deserve.

Watch Us On the Project

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We adopted cat ‘Bruce‘ (a black short-haired domestic) almost three years ago from the Ninth Life Foundation.   He was and still is a very anxious cat who over-grooms and used to wolf his food down. With time and complete devotion from his adoptive parents, he now runs the home!  He is an indoor cat but spends time on either the front or back enclosed deck, basking in the sunshine. He loves to run and play -batting ping pong balls being a favourite.

Our lives have been enriched by his presence and he follows us around and even comes to the front door to greet us when we return home.

Our most grateful thanks to Ninth Life Foundation for the good work you do.   Everyone wins…..

Meet Our Ambassador, Kitty Flanagan

We are building “Ninth Life House” – a purpose-built facility that will keep our rescues safe while they wait for a new home.

Click below to hear Kitty’s radio endorsement of Ninth Life and our new project!