Cats belong in loving homes, particularly in the later stages of their lives. They are beautiful creatures of used to ruling with a velvet paw and don’t take well to cages, runs and pounds.

We are dedicated to looking after the older or high care cats, whose previous owner are no longer able to care for them. Each cat in our care spends their time with us in a loving environment and receives the highest levels of comfortable accommodation. They each receives a full health & wellness check to ensure it is ready to move to a new home.

Look at this! Kitty Flanagan is talking about Ninth Life Foundation and how we are building a new home!

Hear Kitty talk about the new Ninth Life home we are building, that will look after all of our Kitties. 

(Click on the link to hear Kitty’s radio endorsement of Ninth Life and our new home.) 

Donation Appreciation Cerificate

The Donation Appreciation Certificate is the purrfect way to show that special person or animal in your life that you care. And a special thank you to our Treasurer, Verity, who donated the hampers. 

How it works….. You donate on behalf of the special person or animal and we then provide a Donation Appreciation Certificate with their name on it. Choose to print it out and give it to your special person or have us laminate and send to them directly on your behalf. Several levels of donation available

Thanks For Memories

Beautiful seniors Trumpy & Harry came us when their beloved owner passed away. Unfortunately, it was discovered that both cats had a multitude of severe, complex underlying health conditions that meant a very low survival rate under general anesthetic. Trumpy and Harry enjoyed a month of love and constant affection from our team with appropriate pain relief as prescribed by their treating veterinarian. Both were humanely euthanized by their loving vet and in the arms of our Cattery Manager, Kate. Rest in Peace beautiful boys, it was an honour to know you both

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