12 year old Angel had a challenging start to life, initially abandoned in a park as a kitten until her previous owner took her in. While living with two other cats, she showed a preference for being the focal point of attention. Despite this, she enjoyed a happy and carefree existence until early 2023 when she was diagnosed with cancer, necessitating the removal of her ears. Tragically, shortly after her surgery, Angel’s owner passed away, leaving her and her two siblings without a home. Although her siblings found a new home with a close friend, Angel struggled to adapt to her new environment. This is when they found the Ninth Life Foundation, initiating her journey towards finding a forever home.

Fortunately, Angel’s ear surgery was successful, and she is now free of cancer and in good health. Angel is characterized by her affectionate nature, delighting in head scratches and gentle brushing. While she enjoys daytime naps, she becomes lively in the afternoon, delighting her admirers with energetic zoomies. Angel is best suited to a home where she can be the sole feline, as she thrives on being the center of attention. Despite this, she has demonstrated gentleness around children.