When 4 year old Bidgy’s mum Kit-Kat was rescued from a life on the streets, Bidgy along with his sibling’s Kitchy & Baby were slowly growing in the safety of her belly.

Their rescuer wasn’t aware of Kit-Kat’s pregnancy when she took her in but embraced all 3 kittens with open arms.

They lived together harmoniously with his mum and siblings until life took an unexpected turn with the sudden passing of their owner.

Bidgy would be suitable in a home with other cats if introduced slowly.

He hasn’t had exposure to young children or dogs but with patience there isn’t a hurdle he couldn’t overcome.

Bidgy knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for the love and attention he deserves!

This sweet baby loves pats, brushes and everything in between!

Kit-Kat (5, Female) & Baby (4, Female) are also available for adoption.