Meet Poppy, an 11-year-old desexed Female Ragdoll with a heart that still carries the echoes of a past family’s love. This gorgeous feline, adorned in her luxurious fur, is in the midst of a tender grieving process after losing her former family. Poppy has the potential to be an incredibly loving and affectionate companion, but she needs the patient touch of a caring family to help her blossom.

She longs for a home where understanding hearts can provide the comfort she seeks. Though she may currently exhibit some reserved behavior, it’s merely a reflection of the uncertainty she’s experiencing.

This lovely Ragdoll is not suited for a household with young children as she requires a calm and patient environment to gradually rebuild trust and feel secure. In time, with the right family, Poppy has the potential to unveil her true gentle nature, rewarding patience with the warmth of her affection.

If you are ready to open your heart to a mature feline companion and can offer the understanding and patience that Poppy needs during this transitional phase, please get in touch with us at info@ninthlifefoundation.org if you are interested in arranging a meeting.